Turn any mobile device into a clicker! ResponseWare changed the classroom dynamic by becoming the first virtual clicker for student use.

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ResponseWare - the revolutionary response system for mobile devices - turns a participant's web-enabled mobile device into a virtual ResponseCard. ResponseWare allows students and participants to respond using a Wi-Fi or data connection. Turning's mobile response solution allows alphanumeric entry via a cell phone style input or a QWERTY style keyboard. ResponseWare allows the user to respond to multiple styles of questions, such as: multiple-choice, alphanumeric, multiple response and even essay questions. The diversity of response types increases communication options and allows users to easily submit questions electronically during an interactive polling session to the presenter. Turning Technologies allows you to blend your response environment by using a combination of ResponseWare and ResponseCards during the same session to create the most diverse and advanced audience to date. Participants can download ResponseWare for iPhone®, iPod touch®, iPad®, BlackBerry® smartphone or Android™ devices to take advantage of the specific features and functionality available with the device. ResponseWare is certified on the AT&T® wireless network. ResponseWare also displays the question and answer choices on the device while polling and is compatible with TurningPoint assessment software.

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