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PerformMatch Remediation Service was added to CrunchBase in 2013

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PerformMatch, the leader in delivering rigorous discovery and compliance monitoring services, offers remediation services to help clients take action on their regulatory and brand monitoring efforts. The PerformMatch Remediation Service rounds out the PerformMatch compliance offering by ensuring that potential violations by a clients channel partners are being addressed.

PerformMatch Remediation Service clients receive detailed alerts on their affiliates and the potential violations that PerformMatch remediation experts are addressing. Our remediation experts present and track corrective action requests sent to every non-complaint affiliate to ensure that the required changes are made. The PerformMatch Remediation Service is scalable while offering the speed, accuracy and tenacity needed to correct potential compliance issues—without burdening a company’s internal resources.


Eliminate internal man-hours spent following up with affiliates

Allows companies to react quickly to new regulations or changes in the law and make sure partners do the same

Increase accountability of partners to safeguard compliance

Keeps companies focused on growing their business, while leaving discovery, compliance and remediation to the PerformMatch experts

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