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Miradore for MSPs was added to CrunchBase in 2013

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Managing multiple customer workstation and server environments in a cost effective and efficient manner can be challenging with existing software offerings.

Traditionally, Managed Service Providers (MSPs) need to invest in multiple systems in order to meet the demands of customers wishing to outsource their IT infrastructure. These systems require service providers to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars at the beginning of the contract on operational support systems. In such circumstances, costs can only be reduced by either increasing the customer base or securing long-term contracts.

Miradore Configuration Management (Miradore) is a web-based IT lifecycle management system specifically designed to help managed service providers address these challenges. With Miradore’s per-device monthly billing model, there are no initial investment costs and MSPs can easily bundle Miradore licensing costs into their customers’ service fee. In addition, MSPs always get the latest version of Miradore to keep them constantly up to date whenever technologies or operating systems change.

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