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**Why do you require this extension:** Magento Jewelry Product Configurator Extension The extension expands an online store functionality

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Why do you require this extension: Magento Jewelry Product Configurator Extension The extension expands an online store functionality by bringing the option to configure and customize jewelry At the time, the most significant players on jewelry market are BlueNile and Gemvara. They offer an exclusive possibility to "Build Your Own Jewelry" such as Diamonds and Rings. Diamonds can be in different shape, color, cut, clarity; and Rings can be configured by size, metal and so forth. JEWELRY PRODUCT CONFIGURATOR is a great soluiton for Magento store which will let the customers build the jewelry in their own way.

How it works: The enabled extension allows customers to compose a single item by configuring diamonds and rings. But there is no need to build Magento bundle products only (Ring+Diamond), simple products are also available (Ring only). The extension creates configurable products pages both for diamonds and rings with different page views. Such actions like filter, sort by, add to compare and to wishlist are AJAX powered and require no page reloads what decreases the server load. Also rendering attributes can be adjusted at the back-end to be visualized in appropriate manner. The extension is fully stand-alone and does not have a negative effect on another Magento functionality and core as well as 100% compatible with the other extensions.

Features: * Configurable products pages generation * AJAX powered functionality * Magento bundle products configuration supported * Easy back-end option to add/remove attributes to the jewelry configurator * Rendering attributes simple customization * localization option with the language pack * Easy and quick installation * 15 day money back GUARANTEE * Meets Magento programming best practices * 100% open source

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