MacKeeper is a software plus service solution for your Mac that combines a ground-breaking technology and human expertise.

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MacKeeper is a company's leading product that combines a set of maintenance tools and 24/7 customer support service.

All Mac users want to keep their computers optimized and protected. However, not many of them are willing to perform maintenance routine manually because it takes time and certain computer skills. That's why our main purpose is to provide Mac users with the essential combination of tools to run the cleaning process in a fast and safe way.

Generally, MacKeeper works in four main directions: cleaning, optimization, security, and customer support. Overall, it has 17 tools and a "Human Inside" feature.

Cleaning Tools:
 Memory Cleaner - frees up RAM on Mac.
 Fast Cleanup - removes junk files such as temporary caches, logs, unused language packages, and legacy application parts.
 Smart Uninstaller - completely removes applications, widgets, preference panes, and plug-ins, so you can be sure that the unwanted applications are well and truly removed.
 Duplicates Finder - looks for file copies that take up space on the Mac's hard drive.

Security Tools:
 Internet Security - real-time safe browsing that acts also as parental control, antivirus quarantine, and antivirus scan. 
Anti-Theft feature - helps to find a lost or stolen Mac by locating it on a map and making an iSight snapshot of the thief. 
 Data Encryptor - works as a locker that protects loaded data by AES encryption. 
Shredder - deletes files and folders that you don't ever want to be recovered.

Optimization Tools: 
Login Items - allows to configure login items which you want or do not want to launch.
 Update Tracker - checks each application that is installed from the App Store or any other source on Mac for available updates. 
 Files Finder - can find any file even if you do not remember the name and folder.
Files Recovery - recovers deleted files.
 Backup - easily backs up files.

Human Inside:
 This feature was initially introduced with MacKeeper 3.x at Macworld 2014 as a 24/7 customer support delivered by MacKeeper’s in-house IT professionals who passed the Apple Certification exams.

MemoryKeeper is a simple solution for optimizing RAM on Mac. The program frees up wasted memory that decreases your Mac's processing speed. 
 Memory cleanup can be run manually any time when you need the performance boost. Otherwise, you can turn on the automatic cleanup mode and allow the program to do everything on a regular basis at the needed time. 
Since 2014, MemoryKeeper has gained 4.5 stars on Mac App Store from more than 6,000 satisfied customers. 
It is available for free: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/memorykeeper/id689992800?mt=12.

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