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Cyber Security
DFLabs Incman Suite is an incident and data breach management software that enables the handling of every kind of data breach and

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IncMan NG is a collaborative, cloud ready, modular, and clientless Automated incident response and orchestration platform.
Advantages include: Threat intelligence and predictive analytics (including machine learning) Comprehensive Incident Response, Data Breach, and forensic solution SOC Orchestration and CIRT Management Tailored Technical and Regulatory Playbooks Evidence management intelligence capabilities Complete IT GRC Reporting and connectors System investigation analysis and remediation

Scalable Solution: DFLabs’ customer base includes Fortune 1000 enterprises, government agencies, and leading universities; modular delivery model is also well-suited to SMEs looking to scale-up cybersecurity capabilities over time

Industry Recognition: Shortlisted by Gartner for its upcoming Incident Response Technology report; highlighted as one of the top-seven cybersecurity technology firms to watch by Law.com; recently admitted Affiliate Member of FS-ISAC and OASIS. Currently in the top 50 of the CyberSecurity500 Ranking.

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