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Caught up in the mix of a custody battle and race tensions of the early 1960s America, Richard Gino DiAngi found himself in the middle of a

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February 18, 2016
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Caught up in the mix of a custody battle and race tensions of the early 1960s America, Richard Gino DiAngi found himself in the middle of a terrible crossfire of ignorance and intolerance and intense jealousy from his fiance's ex-husband and paid the ultimate price.

He dared cross taboo and the color bar and loved a black woman Robbie Clarence Assadah, in the polarizing racial divide and segregation of the then America, and learned the hard way that some people love with their hearts closed and eyes open. Richard himself loved with his heart open and eyes closed and therefore couldn't see any colors.He had met the vulnerable and exceedingly beautiful Robbie during the search for a missing beauty queen, Melinda Shazzy in the summer of 1962 in Virginia Beach,Virginia, and fell in love head over heels.Both Richard and Robbie had enrolled to take part in the search . And despite the tragedies that stalked their relationship, their love was true and deep and transcended the racial divide and hatred of their time,and brought the feared discussion on race and equality to the fore front of Virginian politics. Soon, those who did not approve of their romance quickly learned,the feelings of love and passion originate from deep within the souls of those who love one another; where no type of barricade can find its way to stop the lovers from loving those they have fallen in love with. In this part of human soul, love and passion are united in a covenant written and sealed in blood. From whence, no force below or above is capable of dissolving the terms of contract. It is the mysterious bond that unites lovers and their hearts together in solidarity. And just like a river, two people united in TRUE love can carve through anything.

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