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Aug 19, 2015Gizmodo - The Ashley Madison Hack Is Only the Beginning
Aug 17, 2015Bloomberg - State Dept Finds Reines E-Mails It Claimed Didn’t Exist: Gawker
Aug 10, 2015Gizmodo - Gawker Officer Put on Leave After Pulling Gun on Unarmed Man in Viral Video
Jul 28, 2015New York Observer - This is the Summer of Gawker
Jul 26, 2015New York Times (NYT) - Gawker’s Future: A Conversation With Nick Denton
Jul 24, 20159to5Mac - First trailer for former Gawker COO's ‘Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine' documentary released
Jul 22, 2015New York Observer - How Bustle Proved the Haters Wrong
Jul 21, 2015New York Times (NYT) - Limits at Gawker? Rules at Reddit? Wild West Web Turns a Page
Jul 20, 2015New York Observer - Top Two Gawker Editors Resign to Protest Controversial Post Removal
Jul 20, 2015Bloomberg - Two Senior Gawker Editors Resign After Board Vote to Remove Post
Jul 20, 2015Re/code - Gawker Editors Craggs and Read Quit After Management Yanks Controversial Conde Nast Post
Jul 17, 2015BGR Boy Genius Report - How Gawker completely disgusted everyone on the Internet
Jul 17, 2015New York Observer - Media Reactions: What Everyone Thinks of Gawker's Gay Escort Story
Jul 9, 2015The Verge - Why are the most important people in media reading The Awl?
Jul 6, 2015Re/code - Hulk Hogan Sex Trial Against Gawker to Hear New Court Date in October
Jul 2, 2015New York Observer - Breaking: This Is How Much Money Gawker Is Making
Jul 2, 2015Re/code - Hulk Hogan Sex Trial Postponed
Jun 28, 2015Re/code - Hulk Hogan Wants to Block Media From Viewing His Sex Tape in Gawker Trial
Jun 12, 2015New York Times (NYT) - Gawker’s Moment of Truth
Jun 4, 2015TechCrunch - Gawker Staff Votes To Unionize