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Launched Date:
February, 1999

Exchange.com was a premier online marketplace for hard-to-find, antiquarian, and used books at www.bibliofind.com and hard-to-find recordings and music memorabilia at www.musicfile.com.

Bibliofind.com's database of more than 9 million hard-to-find book

listings made searching for and ordering books fast, easy, and convenient. Bibliofind.com allows thousands of dealers of rare books to upload their inventories and manage their businesses online quickly and easily. The site offered several community-oriented features; members actively participate in nine forums on topics such as first editions and rare books. The site automatically matched want ads with newly available books and notifies potential buyers that sought-after books had been found.

 MusicFile.com was the Web's premier marketplace and community for

collectors of hard-to-find music and memorabilia, with more than 3 million items for sale by retailers, dealers, and private collectors around the world. MusicFile.com also offered its members rich community features, including discussion forums and free home pages, fully commerce-enabled online storefronts, a want-ad posting and matching service, articles by knowledgeable members and respected experts, and a wealth of other resources for enthusiasts of every kind of music.

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