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Research shows that engaged employees can be three times more productive than disengaged employees.

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Research shows that engaged employees can be three times more productive than disengaged employees. Engagement has also been shown to relate to greater employee retention, resulting in lower recruitment and training costs. Ultimately, having an engaged workforce leads to better return on execution and ultimately greater organizational success.

How do you find out what your workforce is thinking? Ask them!

It takes knowledge and creativity to produce and administer an employee feedback survey that assures management of actionable recommendations. SuccessFactors Execution Survey provides you with the advanced statistical analysis to focus your time and effort on specific areas that impact your employee engagement-and business results-the most. And, we manage the whole process of the engagement survey-from soup to nuts-allowing you to invest your time and money where it matters.

Gain insights. Organizations are made up of people and people drive business. The execution engagement survey results allow you to gain an understanding of employees across your organization from top to bottom. Focus on what is important. Our employee survey results provide insights into engagement and allow your organization to focus on what's important to effectively execute your strategy (e.g., goal alignment, career development). Take action. "Listen and learn" is an important first step in engaging your workforce. "Taking action" will take your organization to the next level. It will differentiate your company from other organizations by ensuring your employees are engaged and able to execute on your strategy. Learn and leverage. By investing in SuccessFactors' Execution Survey, not only will you learn what engages your workforce, but you will have a baseline for comparing future survey results. Based upon this information, you will be able to continuously improve your company's ability to effectively manage your talent and execute strategy by having an engaged workforce-leading to greater organizational success. The power of Business Alignment and People Performance combined: SuccessFactors' Business Execution Software including Execution Survey helps organizations achieve maximal business results by aligning, arming and inciting organizations to greatness. Learn more about Business Execution Software including recruiting, performance management, compensation and more.

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