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AudioBoom is the leading podcasting and on-demand audio platform for hosting, distributing and monetising content. With offices in London, M

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Audioboo is a platform for the capturing & sharing of audio. Primarily aimed at the spoken word market, its mission is to become the dominant way in which consumers create audio and share it on the web.

The platform currently consists of an iPhone application and a website at http://audioboo.fm. Users can download the app for free from the App Store and start using it immediately to create audio up to five minutes in length. When they create an account (either in the app or at audioboo.fm) all their previous audio is gathered into that account.

The iPhone app allows them to browse & play back the latest audio (‘boos’) from the community. It also lets users create new recordings and add a photo, title and tags to the audio before uploading it to their account at audioboo.fm. Audioboo also uploads geolocation data, if the user has permitted this. Once uploaded, the audio is available for anyone to listen to.

At audioboo.fm, users have the ability to view their own boos, the most recent, most popular and featured boos. They can choose to ‘follow’ other users and comment on anyone’s boos. They can also set up their account to auto-post new recordings to Twitter and Facebook.

Audioboo provides a limited, free model with a ‘Plus’ version for enthusiasts and a ‘Pro’ version for businesses. In addition, the iPhone app is built using a full Read/Write API, which will be opened up to developers on other mobile platforms to build audioboo clients.

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