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Amazon Fire Phone is the flagship smartphone for the Amazon product line.

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Launched Date:
July 1, 2014

Amazon Fire Phone is Amazon's first launch in the field of mobile smartphones. It runs on a customized OS for the Fire Phone based off of the Android platform and comes with full compatibility with all of Amazon's product lines such as Amazon Prime, Amazon Music, and Mayday.

Amazon Fire Phone also features Dynamic Perspective, which uses four infrared cameras to track your face, instantly redrawing things on screen at new angles to give the illusion of depth.

The Fire Phone’s other standout feature is Firefly, which lets you point the camera at physical products with a label in your environment and find them on Amazon (or in other databases of products, once outside retailers start taking advantage of the tools to build on top of Firefly that Amazon has given to developers). Firefly can also identify music, television, and movies, useful for those with friends who watch. It also lets you pick out email addresses, phone numbers, and other info, making it a decent app for keeping notes as well.

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