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Location-triggered reminders and messages for yourself and others so the information is delivered exactly when and where it is needed

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Launched Date:
July 31, 2014

Acorn lets users set location-triggered reminders and messages to themselves and others so that information is delivered exactly where and when it is needed. Acorn has developed a proprietary, battery-efficient location technology that will eventually enable location-triggered actions beyond messaging and reminders.

Want to remind your girlfriend to pick up groceries on her way back from work? Simply drop her an acorn with the grocery list by typing "[email protected] stores" and she'll be notified whenever she is near a grocery store.

Want to let your friend know about a cool place to grab a beer for cheap? Simply drop an acorn on a busy street nearby to share your tip.

With an intuitive, simple interface, Acorn promises to simplify a world of information to the bits and pieces you will need most right then and there.

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