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August 4, 1962

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Zenophon "Zennie" Abraham is an internet entrepreneur. The founder of Sports Business Simulations in 2002 and Zennie62Media.com in 2010, Mr. Abraham is also a pioneer video-blogger, and a professional blogger with a complex history that has taken him from the City of Oakland to the National Football League, and to the tech industry.

Zennie is a creative thinker with a diverse background and a track record of accomplishments, Mr. Abraham created the Oakland-Alameda County Sports Commission, then served as its president. In that role, he headed the bid effort to bring the 2005 Super Bowl to Oakland.

On the subject of the Super Bowl, while Oakland lost the competition, losing by eight votes and giving way to Jacksonville as the 2005 Super Bowl host, the NFL took note of his work, and helped him develop his next venture by providing access to key NFL event products: the Super Bowl and The NFL Draft. It was during that time Mr. Abraham created an idea that would become his first business, and content for his second business.

Zennie is as the designer and developer of the XFL Simworld and the Oakland Baseball Simworld, and the creator of the simulator concept around which SBS products are built.

The Oakland and XFL Simworld concepts were created while he worked for Oakland Mayor Elihu Harris as Economic Adviser, and at UC Berkeley, and thus combining skills developed while earning a Master of City Planning Degree at Berkeley, with a self-instructed expertise in System Dynamics Modelling.

On January 23, 2003, and with $25,000, Sports Business Simulations was formed as a full corporation with Abraham as CEO and University of San Francisco Sport Management Program Director Dan Rascher as CMO. In a rush to generate website visitors, Abraham installed a blog platform using modified blogger templates, and got hooked on blogging in the process.

In 2006, and after attending the Vloggercon Convention in San Francisco, Abraham took up video-blogging. One of his first moves was to join a platform called "iReport" and that was later purchased by CNN. He also was the first to use a camcorder to cover the NFL Draft in 2006, and has attended every NFL Draft as press from 2005 to 2011.

By 2008, the NFL created the "Zennie Rules" to direct use of camcorders at the NFL Draft.

By 2007, he was invited to become one of YouTube's first partners. CNN had Abraham on "The Roland Martin Debate This" show, thus marking his first national television exposure.

The focus on political blogging led to an invitation by the Democratic Party to be on the list of just 128 blogs credentialed for the historic 2008 Democratic National Convention.

Meanwhile, SBS continued to add users and colleges, and the website use grew. Over time a small cult of Oakland Baseball Simworld users developed. While SBS has suffered from being under-capitalized, there has been little doubt that the simulation approach has been and is right for the 10 million student market that was identified.

While maintaining SBS and blogging, Zennie was invited to join the Hearst Corporation's City Brights program as a blogger in 2009. His blog posts and videos go out to SFGate.com, the website of the San Francisco Chronicle, and SeattlePI.com, the website of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

Zennie developed a method of "real-time" blogging that saw him bring over 12 million unique visitors to the SFGate.com website in 2010; just about 25 percent of the 46 million unique visitors generated that year. He also created a giant, interconnected system of social media and blog platforms to do something he calls "Social Broadcasting."

That same year, with ColoursTV in Denver, Colorado, Zennie produced the TV show "The Blog Report With Zennie62." It's a TV show created entirely around and using the videos that Zennie uploads to his YouTube, Blip.tv, and other video channels. Indeed, it may have been the first TV show formed in that way.

His success led to the establishment of a second company, the newly formed Zennie62Media.com, Inc. The objective of Zennie62Media.com is to provide a corporate organization and funding base for new media efforts, from blogs to television shows, and other media-related technologies and approaches created by Zennie or anyone associated with the firm.

Zennie welcomes contact to explore ways to collaborate on his company activities and media efforts.

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Jun 2, 2011YouTube - Zennie62 on YouTube

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