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unlimited video conference with voice, white board, data collaboration, polling and more...

Video Conferencing Software

Viva Fast Meeting is the leader in the industry and believe that the true value of HD video conferencing solutions is achieved when it is broadly available to anyone, anywhere.

Our solutions not only bring the immersive telepresence experience to the board room, but also to conference rooms, executive offices and remote workers, increasing productivity and collaboration while ensuring minimal business disruption when travel isn't an option. Viva Fast meeting comes with unlimited video conference with voice, White board, data collaboration, polling and many more....

Viva fast meeting has H.264 and H.323 protocols which lets you interface with existing H.323 Conferencing equipments such as from Polycom, Lifesize, Radvision, Cisco, etc.,

Viva fast meeting allows you to integrate boardroom equipments from Magen, Crestron, etc., It also allows to use professional PTZ cameras and audio equipments from clear one Audio, Panasonic, Sony as well

Visit us at: vivafastmeeting.com

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