June 27, 1983
Huntington Beach

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Tyler Collins, oldest son of the legendary marine weather forecasting pioneer Sean Collins (Surfline Inc), is principle Founder and CEO of Orange County SEO (a division of Swell Marketing Inc), a fast growing internet marketing firm focused on analyzing, planning, & executing ROI driven online marketing programs for small and large websites. A search engine optimization agency based in Huntington Beach, Ca. Orange County SEO helps business owners and professionals maximize internet visibility and revenue through search engine optimization, paid search advertising, and website conversion optimization.

Specializing in SEO & Digital Marketing agency fulfillment and consulting, Tyler Collins assists search engine optimization firms, online marketing agencies, and C-suite executives at large media companies with business expansion, infrastructure reorganization, and process systematization, to achieve performance goals with internal technical staff and client retention across a swath of results-based digital marketing services.

Offers turn-key, white-labeled, search engine optimization & proprietary website ranking methodology for SEO companies. Actively delivering silent back-end SEO processes for dozens of front facing SEO firms.

Relentlessly studies search engine trends, website compliance algorithms and quality standards, while consistently testing, tracking, and measuring cutting-edge organic ranking tactics by synthesizing research and knowledge into freshly engineered, dynamic, future-proof SEO models.

Recently launched a proprietary "Reputation Management" system designed to cleanse organic search results and remove prominently placed negative content about businesses, executives, athletes, celebrities, and any searched name.

Multi-Internet Business Owner / SEO Consultant - Piloting several online-based business, while helping business owners and professionals maximize Internet visibility and revenue through search engine optimization, sales conversion and website systematization strategies.

Analyzing, planning & executing ROI driven marketing programs for small, medium, and large websites to establish and maintain a successful marketing presence in large industries.

Collins is a C-Level search marketing consultant for Hurley International, SWELL, Daz3D, and over a dozen other Fortune 500 and startup ventures. He manages multiple cross-functional teams of professionals for developing, launching, and delivering online marketing initiatives. He possesses strong knowledge of Internet marketing & advertising platforms, web technologies, organic search optimization, social media marketing, web development process and delivery, content management systems, and best practices.

Outside the professional sector, Tyler is a life coach and mentor to young adults, and gives regular motivational talks at high schools. He is an avid surfer and environmentalist, loves chasing waves in Baja, and often starts the morning reading Google's latest organic search algorithm patent, washed down with some strong black coffee.

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