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Founder & Managing Partner @
122 Investments in 91 Companies
June 11, 1958
San Francisco

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Timothy Draper

Timothy Draper is founding partner of leading venture capital firms Draper Associates and DFJ. Tim's original suggestion to use "viral marketing" in web-based e-mail to geometrically spread an Internet product to its market was instrumental to the successes of Hotmail and other web-based email providers and has been adopted as a standard marketing technique by hundreds of businesses.

Tim launched the DFJ Global Network, an international network of early-stage venture capital funds with offices in over 30 cities around the globe. Tim founded or co-founded DFJ ePlanet (global), Draper Fisher Jurvetson Gotham (NYC), Zone Ventures (LA), Epic Ventures (Salt Lake City), Draper Atlantic (Reston), Draper Triangle (Pittsburg), Timberline Ventures (Portland), Polaris Fund (Anchorage), DFJ Frontier (Sacramento and Santa Barbara), DFJ Vina Capital (Vietnam), Draper Nexus (Tokyo), and DFJ DragonFund (Shanghai).

Tim recently launched "Six Californias," a statewide initiative to create six new states and dissolve a failed one in California. Previously, Tim served on the California State Board of Education. In November of 2000, Tim launched a statewide cyber-initiative on school choice for the California General Election.

Tim was a Member of Singapore's International Economic Council and Ukraine's Orange Circle.

Tim was on the Board of U.C. Berkeley's Haas School of Business.

Tim was ranked 52 on the list of the 100 most influential Harvard Alumni, and seven on the Forbes Midas List. Tim was named Always-On #1 top venture capital deal maker. Tim was awarded the Commonwealth Club's Distinguished Citizen Award for achievements in green and sustainable energy.

To further encourage entrepreneurship, Tim started BizWorld.org, a non-profit for children to learn entrepreneurship, Draper University of Heroes, a school for entrepreneurs 18-28 and he leads SixCalifornias, an initiative to improve the governance of California.

Tim has a B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

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2016 - Current   (10 months)

Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Oct, 2014 - Current   (about 2 years)

Investment Committee

Jan 1, 2011 - Current   (almost 6 years)


Oct, 2006 - Current   (about 10 years)

Co-Founder & MD

Mar, 2006 - Current   (over 10 years)

Founder & Venture Partner

Jan, 2006 - Current   (almost 11 years)


May, 2005 - Current   (over 11 years)

Founder & Partner

Jan 1, 2000 - Current   (almost 17 years)


Jan, 1999 - Current   (almost 18 years)

Co - Founder & MD

Jan, 1998 - Current   (almost 19 years)


Jan, 1994 - Current   (almost 23 years)

Founder & Managing Partner

Jul, 1985 - Current   (over 31 years)

Founder / Managing Director

Jan, 1985 - Current   (almost 32 years)
Jan 1, 1999
DateInvested InRoundDetails
Oct, 2016$4.2M / Series A (Lead)Personal Investment
May, 2016$1.2M / SeedPersonal Investment
Feb, 2016$1.25M / SeedPersonal Investment
Nov, 2015undisclosed amount / SeedPersonal Investment
Nov, 2015$350k / SeedPersonal Investment
Oct, 2015$500k / SeedPersonal Investment
Sep, 2015undisclosed amount / SeedPersonal Investment
Jul, 2015$7M / Series BPersonal Investment
Jul, 2015£6M / Series CPersonal Investment
Jun, 2015$1.5M / SeedPersonal Investment
Jun, 2015$8.8M / Series APersonal Investment
Jun, 2015€100k / SeedPersonal Investment
May, 2015undisclosed amount / SeedPersonal Investment
May, 2015$400k / SeedPersonal Investment
May, 2015undisclosed amount / Series APersonal Investment
Apr, 2015$1.2M / Seed (Lead)Personal Investment
Apr, 2015$1M / SeedPersonal Investment
Apr, 2015undisclosed amount / Seed (Lead)Personal Investment
Mar, 2015$13M / Series APersonal Investment
Jan, 2015$23M / Series A (Lead)Personal Investment
Jan, 2015undisclosed amount / AngelPersonal Investment
Jan, 2015$300k / AngelPersonal Investment
Jan, 2015$12M / Series BPersonal Investment
Dec, 2014$750k / SeedPersonal Investment
Oct, 2014$500k / AngelPersonal Investment
Oct, 2014$1M / SeedPersonal Investment
Oct, 2014$2.5M / Series APersonal Investment
Oct, 2014$3.5M / Series APersonal Investment
Oct, 2014$1.5M / Seed (Lead)Personal Investment
Sep, 2014$2.8M / SeedPersonal Investment
Sep, 2014$2M / SeedPersonal Investment
Aug, 2014$3M / Series APersonal Investment
Aug, 2014$1.1M / SeedPersonal Investment
Aug, 2014$1.25M / SeedPersonal Investment
Aug, 2014$400k / SeedPersonal Investment
Aug, 2014$20k / AngelPersonal Investment
Jul, 2014$1M / SeedPersonal Investment
Jul, 2014$1.16M / SeedPersonal Investment
Jul, 2014$2M / SeedPersonal Investment
Jun, 2014$10M / Series APersonal Investment

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Crowd Invest Summit West

December 07, 2016 - December 08, 2016

9:00am - 5:00pm

Los Angeles Convention Center, 1201 S Figueroa St, Los Angeles, CA 90015, Santa Monica, California, United States

CIS 2016 is to educate and bring together retail investors with startups, companies, and real estate investment opportunities.

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