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Senior Director, Business Development, Imaging Systems, Products and Services Division @

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Tom Vogelsong leads the business development activities for SRI International’s Imaging Systems organization. He is responsible for market analysis, identification and development of specific business opportunities, and program management for SRI’s advanced charge-coupled devices (CCD), electron-multiplying charge-coupled devices (EMCCD), low-noise complementary metal–oxide–semiconductor (CMOS) image sensors, cameras, and imaging systems.

Vogelsong has obtained contract funding and led development of image sensors and imaging systems for challenging applications in defense, commercial, and scientific markets. Solutions include night vision, surveillance and security, biotechnical, spectroscopy, microscopy, semiconductor inspection, astronomy, and medical applications.

Prior to joining SRI in 2010, Vogelsong had various roles in high-technology companies, including executive management, marketing, business development, research and development, system analysis, and raising capital. At Narragansett Imaging, he performed market studies of low-light surveillance and medical imaging, including analysis of market segment sizes, product needs, distribution channels worldwide, pricing, and competitive position. He also managed programs and performed system-level analysis and specification of imaging devices and systems. Prior to that, Vogelsong served as president and CEO of Photon Vision Systems, vice president of engineering at Axsun Technologies, and vice president of business development for Salvador Imaging (now part of FLIR). He has also held management positions at InfiMed, Criticare, GE Medical Systems, and GE Corporate R&D.

Throughout his career, Vogelsong has been involved with cutting-edge visible and infrared image sensors, camera electronics, and image and signal processing algorithms and hardware architectures. He has worked with commercial, consumer, defense, medical, and industrial applications, including night vision systems, bar code readers, television bandwidth compression, digital X-ray systems, machine vision systems, digital cinematography, airborne mapping, microscopy, and spectrometry.

Vogelsong obtained his Ph.D. in electrical engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. He holds 17 patents and has authored more than 40 publications.

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Senior Director, Business Development, Imaging Systems, Products and Services Division

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