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Suneil Mishra is a tech industry veteran involved in driving several novel technologies into the PC; consumer electronics; mobile; and interactive entertainment fields.

After starting out in the virtual reality space in both academic research and commercial startups, Suneil moved to Silicon Valley in the mid-1990s to manage Aureal (Semiconductor) Inc's A3D audio technology, integrated into 100+ PC titles, including showcase games: Jedi Knight (Lucasarts), Half Life (Valve) and Unreal (Epic). Major PC OEMs and AIBs including Dell, Sony and Turtle Beach made A3D the preeminent PC audio brand of the 1990s. Aureal was acquired by Creative Labs in 2000.

After a stint operating his own venture-backed startup in the mobile platform space (which shipped product with the likes of Sega, HP and Nokia) – Suneil joined AGEIA Technologies where he established the PhysX Processing Unit (PPU) as a PC hardware category. The PhysX engine was integral to 150+ titles including: Gears of War & UT3 (Epic) and Splinter Cell & GRAW titles (Ubisoft) with over twenty thousand registered developers; leading PPU customers included Dell, HP and ASUS. AGEIA was purchased by NVIDIA in early 2008 where Suneil spent time during the transition to make PhysX a core NVIDIA GPU product brand.

From mid-2008 until early 2010, Suneil was VP of Sales & Marketing, N. America for PrimeSense Inc, an Israeli-based, privately-held startup in the 3D-sensor space. In this role, Suneil drove all US operations including business development, sales and promotion. PrimeSense’s first public customer was announced in April 2010 as Microsoft Corp, with PrimeSensor chip technology powering the Xbox360’s “Kinect for Xbox360” controllerless gaming solution which revolutionized the console gaming and entertainment space and was the fastest selling consumer electronics device in history post-launch.

Suneil has most recently leveraged his years of bringing game-changing and brand-leadership technologies to market - from audio to mobile, physics to 3D-motion-sensing across numerous consumer products segments - into a broad-based investment and consultancy role for a number of clients on a worldwide basis.

Suneil holds an M.S. in Computer Science from the George Washington University with a specialization in Computer Animation, Multimedia Design and Virtual Reality, and a B. Sc. (Hons) in Computing Science and Mathematics from the University of Glasgow, Scotland.

He currently resides in Palo Alto, California.

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Jun, 2008
Mar, 2010
VP of Sales & Marketing
Feb, 2008
Jun, 2008
Dir. of Marketing
Apr, 2005
Feb, 2008
Dir. of Marketing
Feb, 2000
Mar, 2003
CEO & Co-Founder
Oct, 1996
Feb, 2000
Product Manager

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