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Steve Gillmor is a technology commentator, editor, and producer in the enterprise technology space. He is Head of Technical Media Strategy at salesforce.com and a TechCrunch contributing editor.

Gillmor previously worked with leading musical artists including Paul Butterfield, David Sanborn, and members of The Band after an early career as a record producer and filmmaker with Columbia Records' Firesign Theatre. As personal computers emerged in video and music production tools, Gillmor started contributing to various publications, most notably Byte Magazine, where he was a lead reviewer of development and collaborative platform systems including Visual Basic, Lotus Notes, Microsoft Office, and Windows NT. Subsequently, Gillmor served as a contributing editor at InformationWeek Labs, before joining Fawcette Technical Publications first as Senior Editor and later as Editor in Chief of Enterprise Development Magazine, and then Editor in Chief and Editorial Director of XML and Java Pro Magazines.

Gillmor joined InfoWorld Magazine as Test Center Director and back-page columnist. He also served as Editor of eWEEK.com's Messaging & Collaboration Center and OpEd columnist of eWeek's print publication. As blogging emerged, he wrote the first blogs for Ziff Davis Media, CMP's CRN, and CNet's ZDNet, where he remains a contributing editor. A podcasting pioneer, he developed and hosted the seminal Gillmor Gang podcast with industry notables including Jon Udell, Dan Farber, Mike Arrington, Jason Calacanis, Michael Vizard, Doc Searls and others as regulars. Gillmor has also championed development of industry standards, most notably his role as co-creator of the attention.xml specification and co-founder of the Attention Trust, a non-profit organization to protect user data rights.

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VP, Market Strategy

Apr, 2010 - Current   (over 6 years)

Contributing Editor

Jun, 2008 - Current   (over 8 years)

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