May 1, 1970

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Spencer Lodge MD at Fund Advisers Dubai fund-advisers.com. Spencer Lodge has been at the pinnacle of international financial services sales and management for over 18 years. His company Fund Advisers are one of the leading financial services companies in the Middle East. Spencer Lodge added “At Fund Advisers we also provide our clients with a full up-front disclosure on any fees and commissions we may earn and as a result of our proposals and as a result many of our clients tell us that our honesty, openness and transparency were the major factors in them placing business with us.” Spencer Lodge said “I am delighted to announce that we will be open for business in Moscow by September 2013 and later in the year in Johannesburg. This will be followed by Hong Kong, Thailand and Malaysia in 2014. Creating hundreds of new jobs in the process, we are on target to become an influential and global player within the financial industry.

It’s easy to understand why the company is successful. A refusal to cold call prospects, a policy of openness and transparency with clients on fee incomes and a genuine desire to change the perception of his industry, he has created many admirers of his approach but also some jealous types as well.

For further information on Fund Advisers, please visit www.fund-advisers.com

Fund Advisers UAE 16th Floor U-Bora Tower Business Bay Dubai UAE P.O. Box 50685 T: +971 (0)4 567 4500 or 800 ADVISER

Fund Advisers are a regulated, independent financial advisory wealth management brokerage. We are fully regulated within the territories where we have permanent offices.

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