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Scott is an American entrepreneur and angel investor. He is best known as a co-founder of IronPort and an early advisor and board member at PayPal.

Scott Banister started his career as a pioneer in the email business. He was Founder and VP of Technology at ListBot, the largest ASP for business email list hosting. ListBot was acquired by Microsoft. After ListBot, Scott spent his time working with other start-ups as a board member and investor. These start-ups include eVoice, creator of the first email-enabled home voicemail service, which was acquired by AOL in 2001. He served as VP of Ideas at idealab!, where he contributed numerous innovations, including the unique bid-for-placement search engine model that powers Overture. In December 2000, with Scott Weiss, Banister co-founded IronPort, an email appliance provider that was acquired in 2007 by Cisco for US$830 million.

Scott Banister is co-founder and Chairman of Zivity, a social networking site co-founded with his wife, Cyan Banister. He was an early investor in Powerset, a startup building a natural language search engine, and sits on the company's Board of Directors. He also sits on the Board of Directors for Slide, a start-up founded by PayPal co-founder Max Levchin.

Other private equity investments include Zappos.com, LiveOps, Facebook, Hi5.com, Tagged.com, iLike, and Causes.com. Banister attended University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, from which he dropped out in 1996 to move to Silicon Valley. He currently lives in Half Moon Bay, California with his wife Cyan.

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VP, Ideas
Founder and VP of Technology
Dec, 2000
Jun, 2007
Co-Founder & CTO
DateInvested InRoundDetails
Apr, 2016$1.3M / Seed (Lead)Personal Investment
Mar, 2016$547k / SeedPersonal Investment
Feb, 2016$5M / Series APersonal Investment
Jan, 2016$4M / Series BPersonal Investment
Dec, 2015$2.1M / Debt FinancingPersonal Investment
Dec, 2015$3.3M / SeedPersonal Investment
Nov, 2015$1.6M / SeedPersonal Investment
Oct, 2015$5M / VenturePersonal Investment
Sep, 2015$1M / SeedPersonal Investment
Sep, 2015$4M / VenturePersonal Investment
Jul, 2015$1.7M / SeedPersonal Investment
Jun, 2015undisclosed amount / SeedPersonal Investment
May, 2015$1.1M / AngelPersonal Investment
May, 2015$2.9M / SeedPersonal Investment
Apr, 2015$1.7M / SeedPersonal Investment
Mar, 2015undisclosed amount / SeedPersonal Investment
Mar, 2015$15M / Series BPersonal Investment
Feb, 2015$1.8M / SeedPersonal Investment
Feb, 2015$1.7M / SeedPersonal Investment
Jan, 2015$8M / Series APersonal Investment
Jan, 2015$16M / Series APersonal Investment
Dec, 2014$660k / AngelPersonal Investment
Dec, 2014$1.4M / SeedPersonal Investment
Dec, 2014$2.8M / SeedPersonal Investment
Nov, 2014undisclosed amount / Series APersonal Investment
Nov, 2014$1.25M / SeedPersonal Investment
Oct, 2014$445k / SeedPersonal Investment
Oct, 2014$3.5M / Series APersonal Investment
Oct, 2014$9M / Series APersonal Investment
Oct, 2014$6M / Series A (Lead)Personal Investment
Sep, 2014$1.54M / SeedPersonal Investment
Sep, 2014$2.3M / SeedPersonal Investment
Sep, 2014$37M / Series APersonal Investment
Sep, 2014$2.5M / SeedPersonal Investment
Aug, 2014undisclosed amount / Venture (Lead)Personal Investment
Aug, 2014$9.5M / Series BPersonal Investment
Aug, 2014$2.5M / SeedPersonal Investment
Aug, 2014$1.2M / SeedPersonal Investment
Jul, 2014$1.2M / SeedPersonal Investment
Jun, 2014$1.1M / SeedPersonal Investment

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