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Russell is an Angel Investor and a Limited Partner at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers.

Russell invests in consumer and energy related technologies and markets, including software, electronic commerce, Web services, semiconductors, consumer systems, media and telecommunications. He is currently on the boards of Digital Chocolate, Friendster, Lilliputian Systems, Mobilygen, Quorum Systems and RazorGator.

Russell also leads KPCB's investment in WildBlue Communications, and is also on the board of the non-profit organization Sustainable Conservation.

Russell joined KPCB after seven years at Microsoft. At Microsoft he helped launch LAN Manager, Microsoft's first network operating system, then was the marketing manager in charge of Windows for Workgroups, a small-business networking version of Windows. For the first half of 1993, Russell worked directly for Bill Gates, during which time he researched the online market and recommended an entry strategy for that market. This led to the formation the Microsoft Network (MSN), Microsoft's online service. Russell became the first employee of this division and became its General Manager and then Vice President through April of 1996. Under his direction, MSN was developed and launched and reached over one million paying members. Russell was also responsible for the formation of the Slate project, Microsoft's World Wide Web political and arts commentary. He recruited the editor, Michael Kinsley, and was the business manager in charge of Slate until he left Microsoft in July 1996.

Before Microsoft, Russell was a software engineer who wrote artificial intelligence applications for the financial services industry at Applied Expert Systems, a Cambridge, Massachusetts startup, and was also an engineering consultant. He earned his BS from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Physics in 1984 and an MBA from Harvard University where he was a Baker Scholar in 1989.

Jobs (5)

Marketing Manager
Software Engineer & Engineering Consultant
DateInvested InRoundDetails
Nov, 2014$2M / SeedPersonal Investment
Jan, 2014$670k / AngelPersonal Investment
Sep, 2012$40M / Venture
Jul, 2012$7M / Venture
Aug, 2011$1.5M / SeedPersonal Investment
Jun, 2011$15M / Venture
May, 2011undisclosed amount / SeedPersonal Investment
Mar, 2011$470k / AngelPersonal Investment
Jan, 2011$1.5M / VenturePersonal Investment
Jan, 2011$60M / Private Equity
Sep, 2010$1.2M / SeedPersonal Investment
Jul, 2010$550k / SeedPersonal Investment
Apr, 2010$1.2M / SeedPersonal Investment
Dec, 2009undisclosed amount / Series APersonal Investment
Jul, 2009$20M / Series E
Jun, 2009$634k / VenturePersonal Investment
Apr, 2009$28M / Venture
Sep, 2008$400k / AngelPersonal Investment
Aug, 2008$20M / Series D
Aug, 2008undisclosed amount / SeedPersonal Investment
Apr, 2008$6M / Series BPersonal Investment
Sep, 2007$19.5M / Series D
Apr, 2007undisclosed amount / SeedPersonal Investment
Oct, 2006$15M / Series C
Aug, 2006$10M / Series C
Jul, 2006$22.5M / Series C
Jul, 2006$2M / Series APersonal Investment
May, 2006$3.1M / Venture (Lead)
Apr, 2006$10M / Series D
Mar, 2006$22.8M / Series B
Nov, 2005$10M / Venture
May, 2005$15M / Series B
Mar, 2005$26M / Series A (Lead)
Aug, 2004$13M / Series B
Oct, 2003$13M / Series B

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