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I’ve worked for the government, in quantitative finance, and most recently, in VC.

While the industries & missions have varied, the common thread is a love of aggregating incomplete information, analyzing it, and generating a plan of action. As a trader, I valued derivative instruments (ie ETFs) when many of the underlying components weren’t trading. That process had to happen in seconds, under pressure.

In seed-stage VC, I identify market drivers and look for technological and societal trends, then use them form opinions about very young companies. It’s slower, but in some ways more complex – less quantitative data, a longer feedback loop. Art + science.

As the Associate at OATV, I meet entrepreneurs, evaluate investments, do deep dives into industries, and support portfolio companies. I’ve been fortunate to see everything and support all deals. My work for portfolio companies takes many forms: analysis of growth strategies, financial modeling, product feedback, identifying strategic partners.

Prior to OATV, I spent 7 yrs at Jane Street Capital, a prop trading firm. I started as a middle-office clerk, building tools for traders. I fell in love with the challenging & exciting world of arbitrage trading, worked hard, and became a trader myself. Most of my experience has been in emerging markets. I enjoyed the added complexity of having to rapidly adapt to sudden government interventions, regional instability, & changing regulatory environments. I’m fascinated by markets; specifically, by the way that new information is processed and reflected almost instantly.

When I’m not working, I make things. I always have a few side projects…sometimes data research projects (like the stuff I’ve done with Google Autocomplete), sometimes crafts. My blog has the details. I’ve played piano for 28 years, danced for 12. Lately I’ve been into high altitude hiking; this year, I climbed Kilimanjaro, Shasta, and trekked 70mi to Everest Base Camp.

I’m not good at sitting still.

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Founder/Director of Marketing

Sep 1, 2014 - Current   (about 2 years)
Jun, 2013
Dec, 2014

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