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Philip Burroughs

With vast experience in both the automotive and real estate industries, Philip Burroughs has become one of Southern Maryland's foremost thought leaders and successful businessmen. More specifically, Philip is based out of Mechanicsville, Maryland, and has been heavily involved in the automotive business for more than two decades. Philip has long dreamed for the opportunity to own his own business, that is why Philip jumped at the opportunity to be a part owner of Century's The Used Car Factory, and he couldn't be prouder of his decision to do so. Philip's superb customer service and outstanding business management capabilities have allowed his dealership to thrive, and his experience and care for customers makes the the process of buying a car as pleasant as possible.

Prior to his position at The Used Car Factory, Philip Burroughs served as the used car manager at Waldorf Ford, in southern Maryland. Before this, Philip had just entered the automotive industry, starting as a sales representative at Ken Dixon's Automotive in Waldorf, later becoming the dealership's used car manager.

Although Philip had tremendous success in opening car dealerships throughout Southern Maryland, he was still interested in pursuing other avenues of business; and so, he looked into real estate. Eager to become the best in the industry and offer the best possible service to the fine people of Southern Maryland, Philip Burroughs committed himself to becoming familiar with the intricacies of real estate. At the moment, Philip leases multiple properties throughout the Greater Southern Maryland Area.

What Philip Burroughs enjoys the most about real estate is the pure flexibility it awards, both personal and financial. He also takes great pride in being a vital part that helps revitalize and rebuild a community.

For Philip Burroughs, the real estate industry is a unique entity; there are multiple ways to complete one action. It constantly requires new strategies in order to make the most of a property, and it has been a learning process for Philip. Luckily, Philip Burroughs has been a member of the community for so long, that he uses his tenure to make the wisest and most cost effective decisions possible.

Outside of work, Philip Burroughs can always be found giving back to his community through a variety of philanthropic endeavors. From youth sports organizations to the latest research in cancer, Philip is constantly looking for ways to invest and give back to the community that has already given him so much.

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