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Co-Founder & Partner @
40 Investments in 20 Companies
October 7, 1963

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Neil co-founded Index Ventures with Giuseppe Zocco and David Rimer in 1996. Previously he spent 4 years with Montgomery Securities in San Francisco.

Neil has invested in market-defining companies from across the spectrum including Betfair (LSE: BET), Genmab, FundingCircle, Climate Corp. (MON), HouseTrip, Kaggle, (CBS), Stack Exchange and Supercell. He has served on the board of U.C. Sampdoria, and currently serves on the board of Human Rights Watch.

Neil Rimer is the Board Director of Moo Print Ltd. He is also a Partner of Index Ventures which he founded in Geneva with Giuseppe Zocco and David Rimer.

Neil started the venture capital activity of Index's predecessor firm, later co-founding Index Ventures and raising the firm's first fund in 1996.Prior to this, Neil spent four years with Montgomery Securities in San Francisco.

Neil’s current investment interests include Internet media, e-commerce, entertainment and education businesses as well as capital-efficient, information-oriented cleantech companies. He currently serves on a number of Boards including FundingCircle, doubleTwist, HouseTrip, Lehigh Technologies, MOO Print, Netvibes, Photobox, Redwood Systems, Stack Exchange, and Weatherbill.

Previously Neil sponsored and served on the Boards of Betfair (LSE:BET.L), (CBS), Ofoto (Kodak), Trolltech (Nokia) Listen (Real Networks), Numerical Technologies (Synopsis), Genmab (SDE: GNA), Stepstone..

He has a BA in History and Economics from Stanford University and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

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Co-Founder & Partner

1996 - Current   (almost 21 years)
DateInvested InRoundDetails
Sep, 2016$103.1M / Series D
Mar, 2016£15.9M / Series B
Mar, 2016undisclosed amount / Series D
Jan, 2016$10M / Series A (Lead)
Nov, 2015$100M / Series D
Jul, 2015$70M / Series C (Lead)
Mar, 2015£5.2M / Series A (Lead)
Jan, 2015$25M / Series B
Jan, 2015$40M / Series D
Sep, 2014$8M / Venture
Jul, 2014$65M / Series D (Lead)
Jun, 2014£2.7M / Series A (Lead)
Oct, 2013$37M / Series C
Apr, 2013$10M / Series B
Apr, 2013$130M / Series B (Lead)
Dec, 2012$4M / Series A
Oct, 2012$40M / Series C
Aug, 2012$16M / Venture
Jun, 2012$50M / Series C
May, 2012$11.75M / Series C
Apr, 2012$16M / Series B
Nov, 2011$17M / Series B
Nov, 2011$11M / Series A (Lead)
Jul, 2011£70M / Private Equity
Apr, 2011£2.5M / Series A (Lead)
Apr, 2011$2.7M / Series A (Lead)
Mar, 2011$12M / Series B (Lead)
Feb, 2011$42M / Series B
Oct, 2010$15M / Series B (Lead)
Jun, 2008$34.5M / Venture (Lead)
May, 2008$2.5M / Series A (Lead)
Oct, 2007$12.5M / Series A (Lead)
Jul, 2007$5M / Series B
Jan, 2007$4.3M / Angel
Aug, 2006$15M / Series A
May, 2006$5M / Series A (Lead)
Apr, 2006$5M / Series A
Mar, 2006$1M / SeedPersonal Investment
Mar, 2001$31M / Series B (Lead)
Jan, 2001$41M / Series B (Lead)

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Slush 2016

November 30, 2016 - December 01, 2016

Helsinki Exhibition and Convention Centre , Helsinki, Southern Finland, Finland

November 30–December 1, 2016 in Helsinki, Finland. Building a radically positive culture for pushing things forward.

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