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January 5, 1956

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Peter Michael [Baron] Lechner von Leheneck Entertainment Lawyer, Producer & Director [short: Michael von Leheneck] is the Founder of CHINAWOOD a worldwide operating Entertainment Group with its headquarters in Shanghai (China), and offices in Hong Kong, London and Los Angeles. Michael von Leheneck is Chairman & CEO of Chinawood Film Group and of Chinawood Studios, and other companies and studios under the umbrella of 'The Michael von Leheneck Group' Holding Co. He controls two private investment funds. Michael von Leheneck has two decades of experience as CEO of a family owned European Forbes 500 Media company which he founded himself in 1998.

Michael von Leheneck holds a Doctor Degree and a Ph.D. in Law, a MS in Political Science and in Journalism. He studied Arts with Oscar Kokoschka at the Summer Academy in Salzburg and is today himself an award winning photographer and artist. He speaks English, German, French and Italian. Michael focuses on selected media and film investments, and specializes in financing Hollywood-produced movies.

Michael von Leheneck's Chinawood Studios are part of Chinawood Film Group, European-owned, as well US- managed production company having joint ventures with some of China's largest film groups and film funds dominant in China's film market.

CHINAWOOD has a large range of diversified media and film investmets throughout China. Its movie division, Chinawood Film Group is investing into Chinese film studios and is financing and Chinawood Studios are packaging and producing together with Chinese studios major, theatrical feature films with Hollywood's A-List talent writers, directors, actors and producers with Hollywood's know-how together backed by financing from China in packaging as well as distribution worldwide and in China - the world's fastest growing market with the number of screens that almost doubles every year on target with China's becoming the biggest box office by 2016 in charge of China's entertainment market for a population of 1.3 Billion

Michael von Leheneck's professional background is an Entertainment Lawyer, Hollywood Producer and Director.

Founder of CHINAWOOD Chairman & CEO Chinawood Film Group Chairman & CEO Chinawood Studios (The Michael von Leheneck Company) Entertainment Lawyer Producer & Director

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Founder and Chairman

Mar, 2007 - Current   (over 9 years)

Founder and CEO

May, 2005 - Current   (over 11 years)


2004 - Current   (almost 13 years)

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