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December 12, 1983

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Mark Nielsen is the co-founder and Managing Director of Fusion Monarch, a privately-held San Diego based online business development firm focused on harnessing online technologies to creating aesthetic, modular, scalable frameworks to build, manage & promote valuable online assets.

Mark is an entrepreneur and technologist with a background in enterprise content management systems, infrastructure technology, small business startups, productivity tools, product development, and business development. Jumping into the technology arena as an early teen, working with startups to maintain systems and networks and optimize systems performance, gave him a launch pad for a future in a wide range of expertise. Mark has a passion for streamlining productivity while positively affecting the bottom-line of any business through the use of technology and the full knowledge and understanding of business processes.

As a Managing Director of Fusion Monarch, Mark functions as a source of knowledge and strategy in both the immediate and long term goals of the company in the areas of technology, information, and operations. He operates daily within the roles of infrastructure technology, product development, communications, human resource management, and strategic initiatives. Within the first year of business with Fusion Monarch, Mark has overseen the successful launch of unique online platforms powering client startups: TheCASHFLOW.com, MYMAG.com and TrafficDriven (to be released in the summer of 2010), in addition to other online projects contributing to design and user experience. Mark has also contributed to the strategy, infrastructure, planning, product development and execution of Fusion Monarch products Rack.fm (a boutique hosting service) and Rule.fm (a productivity tool.)

Mark highly believes in critical thinking and general semantics to gain and exchange as much knowledge as needed to provide a definitive path of execution and understanding in any arena.

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Co-founder | COO

Managing Director

Jun 1, 2009 - Current   (over 7 years)

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Aug 1, 2010TechCrunch - How To Get Our Attention, A Case Study
Jul 30, 2010TechCrunch - Rule Your Work Productivity With RULE.fm

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