February 27, 1981

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I am Lucian http://www.luciandumateachweb20.eu/ father, teacher and free researcher from Caransebes, Romania hwo share knowledge using web 2.0 , Social Media, mLearning , Elearning , Social Media and Second Life . I am coordinator in many educational projects and my #edtech20 eSafety project was selected finalist in Elearning Awards 2010 ; runner up in the category ENISA silver award for teaching online safety and citizenship organized by European Schoolnet and Enisa . The history of #edtech20 project @web20education. I launch this Free project in the clouds for teachers around the world http://about.me/web20education,, Teach, learn ,play in XXI Century using free tools and applications Web 2.0 , social media in a e-Safety way in education 2.0 “ because in 2010 I was selected by European Schoolnet to work in the TIS – Insafe ; Teaching Internet Safety Project under European Schoolnet and TeachToday . I made a team from next european teachers - eTwinners : Coordinator Lucian Cornel Duma (ROMANIA) - me , Aureo Torres (SPAIN) ,Maria Sourgiadaki (GREECE) ,Catalina Nicolin ( MECTS Romania ) and Inge de Cleyn ( Belgium ) . We work all at this module proposed by me is called ,, How teachers and students can use free web 2.0 and social media in education 2.0 “ and all the resource where presented on Teachtoday website between 21- 22 octomber 2010 at Safer Internet Forum in Louxembourg . We made next 4 teaching units : 1. Free microblogging safely in education : Twitter apps 2. Free blogging safely in education 3. Free animation 2.0 safely in education 4. How to introduce Internet safety issue via the discovery of free virtual worlds , Second Life. “ and all the resource where presented on Teachtoday website between 21- 22 octomber 2010 at Safer Internet Forum in Louxembourg . Follow me on Twitter @web20education , Use hastag #edtech20 and 2 free PLN - Public Learning Networks for #edtech20 project for teachers worldwide : http://web20ineducation2010.ning.com/ ; http://teachlearnplayesafetyeducation.wall.fm/blogs/11 . Everyoane is welcome to join our groups for this PLN based on new tehnologies esafety in education : on facebook http://tinyurl.com/edtech20facebook on Linkedin http://tinyurl.com/edtech20linkedin on Diigo. http://tinyurl.com/edtech20diigo On wiggio http://tinyurl.com/edtech20wiggio Cloudworks http://cloudworks.ac.uk/cloud/view/4246 . In 2011 I want a good collaboration in #edtech20 project to collaborate and discuss with tea social media , web 2.0 and semantic web 3.0 . We will discover toghether how to use eSafety many edtools , apps and widgets related to wikis , blogs , microblogs , social networking , news readers and news agregators , animation , cloud words , online communities , on-line web conferencing , chats and webinars , bookmarking , sharing using videos , photos , interactive presentations , documents , podcast and audio

In conclusion let's make toghether a free eSafety #edtech20 PLN . Other informations about me My blog 2.0 : http://teacherluciandumaweb20.blogspot.com/ New My Second Life blog : http://teacherluciandumasecondlife.blogspot.com/ My facebook : DUMACORNELLUCIAN http://www.facebook.com/DUMACORNELLUCIAN?ref=name My Yahoo ID: [email protected] My Skype ID: DUMACORNELLUCIAN

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