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Larry is CEO of Duck9. He focuses all 88 of his self-reported IQ points into helping college students build their FICO.

He and his mentor hacked the Fair Isaac Co (FICO) credit scoring algorithm. To maximize credit score, tips are sent in fortune cookie sized text messages delivered monthly to a college students cell phone. He cut-and-pasted the technique of 'second stage premiums' where you give more pizza after the initial slice of pizza given out on campus.

He wrote the book, What They Don't Teach You At Stanford Business School, blogs at Business Week, GP at [Larry Chiang G51 Fund of Stanford Founders](www.pehub.com/123451/texas-seed-firm-partners-with-hyper-networker-larry-chiang-to-target-stanford-entrepreneurs/) and teaches ENGR 145 as EIR (entrepreneur in residence)in the school of engineering.

His role at Stanford has been interesting, controversial and ever-evolving. He first started as a fringe Stanford Athletics supporter where he has been a season ticket holder since 1999. He used a relationship with Ty Warner of Oak Brook IL to facilitate Stanford Athletic's toy drive. He went from crasher to unofficial chair of Stanford Entrepreneur Week when he charged VCs to attend a free event that the GSB hosted annually; its their Entrepreneurship Mixer. Under Chiang's self-appointed unofficial chairmanship, Stanford Entrepreneurship is now a month long. It is also interesting to note that two administrators that went against him were removed. He serves as EIR under tenured professor Thomas J Kosnik.

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