July 4, 1964

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John Taschek is vice president of strategy at salesforce.com. He is responsible for corporate product strategy, corporate intelligence and market influence. Taschek came to company in 2003, bringing over 20 years of technology evaluation experience.

Taschek currently is also the editorial director for CloudBlog - an independent blog run as an adjunct to salesforce.com's web properties. He occasionally is on Steve Gillmor's The Gillmor Gang enterprise web video-cast.

Previously, Taschek ran the testing labs at eWEEK (formerly PC Week) magazine. and was a member of its editorial board. He is an award-winning columnist whose coverage of enterprise applications has been cited in numerous research and academic reports. He is also the author of several books on computing technology.

Prior to his 11 years of experience as the lab director at eWEEK, Taschek spent five years in information technology and worked at high profile quasi-government associations such as the National Alliance of Business. In addition, he worked at large government agencies such as the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development where he led a team that set up office automation and operating systems for the agency.

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