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Mar 12, 2017Venture Beat - The curious case of Amazon’s deep plunge into the esports industry
Feb 16, 2017SoCal - Tech - Report: Amazon Launching New Game Studio In San Diego
Feb 15, 2017Venture Beat - Ex-Sony Online chief John Smedley starts Amazon game studio after Kickstarter failure
Dec 26, 2016Venture Beat - Former Sony Online Entertainment boss’s Pixelmage Games studio shuts down
Dec 26, 2016Polygon News - Everquest creators’ new RPG canceled, studio closed
Nov 8, 2016Polygon News - EverQuest creators’ new RPG hits Steam Early Access
Nov 7, 2016Venture Beat - Hero’s Song takes it retro open-world to Steam Early Access
Sep 12, 2016Crowdfund Insider - John Smedley Returns to Crowdfunding: Seeks $200,000 For “Hero’s Song” Project
Sep 7, 2016Venture Beat - Pixelmage’s Hero’s Song fantasy role-playing game hits early backers in November (update)
Aug 26, 2016Venture Beat - Cyberattack causes ‘LaunchPad could not establish connection’ error in H1Z1
Jun 24, 2016Tech Cocktail - Infamous Hacking Groups: 5 Things They Hope to Accomplish
Feb 5, 2016GameSpot - H1Z1 Coming to PS4 and Xbox One This Summer, PC Version Getting Split Into Two Games
Jan 26, 2016Crowdfund Insider - John Smedley’s Pixelmage Pulls the Plug on “Hero’s Song” Kickstarter
Jan 26, 2016GameSpot - Former SOE Boss Cancels New Kickstarter Campaign After Slow Start
Jan 26, 2016Contra Costa Times - How Blizzard turned a costly failure into the highly anticipated 'Overwatch'
Jan 26, 2016Silicon Angle - Smedley axes “Hero’s Song” Kickstarter campaign and opts for investment funding instead
Jan 20, 2016CNet - Why former Sony Online boss doesn't like microtransactions
Jan 19, 2016Silicon Angle - Everquest co-creator John Smedley launches new studio and Kickstarter campaign
Jan 19, 2016Polygon News - John Smedley returns with a new company, a Hero's Song and absolutely no microtransactions
Jan 19, 2016GameSpot - Former Sony Online Boss Reveals New Open World RPG