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October 1, 1981

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Jared Goralnick is President of SET Consulting and AwayFind. Since founding SET in 2002, he's focused the business on improving people's relationship with their everday technologies. At SET he's built a team of developers, designers, and trainers who improve their clients' workflow with Microsoft Office technology. At AwayFind he's architected a web service that changes the way their customers interact with their email, be that in Exchange, Gmail, or any other platform.

Jared has built and maintained relationships with hundreds of SET's clients, including NTT, HP, NIST, Fannie Mae, the FBI, and the US Marshall Service.

In addition to managing the day-to-day business and sales at SET, Jared is formally involved in a number of groups. He founded Bootstrap Maryland, which helps DC-area entrepreneurs to build technology startups through events and conferences. He co-founded Ignite DC, a local technology and cultural group that's affiliated with O'Reilly's Ignite. He is the Executive Vice President and sits on the Board of Directors for the Information Overload Research Group. Jared is also on the Social Media Advisory Board for Network Solutions.

As part of his responsibilities for SET and AwayFind, Jared regularly speaks and writes about productivity and attention management. He has spoken at events or organizations such as South by Southwest, WordCamp MidAtlantic, the Association of Legal Administrations, the American Marketing Association, the Society of Automative Engineers, and dozens of others. Jared blogs regularly at Technotheory.com and has written articles for Lifehacker in the past.

Prior to founding SET Consulting, Jared worked at a number of startups (ShareOne, Artisoft, Mango Software, the Info Group, and Galaxy Internet Services) in the Boston and Memphis areas. He received a degree in Software Engineering from Framingham State College at 17 and a Bachelor's of Arts in Philosophy with Honors from University of Maryland at 20.

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2008 - Current   (almost 9 years)

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