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Geoff worked for many years in Front Line and Executive Management and more latterly Organisation Development Leadership roles. His focus has been organisation and leadership development; change management; retention and recruitment strategy, and building high performance organisations which are also great places to work.

He began working life as a teacher then worked in many industries such as textiles, high turnover consumer goods, food processing, motor vehicle assembly, distribution, hospitality, retailing and Public Health.

In his early years in retailing, Geoff also had a parallel career in the Trade Union movement as a Union President; Federation of Labour (now CTU) representative on an Industry Training Board, and also as a National Moderator for industry training qualifications.

Geoff speaks at conferences, educational, including MBA programmes and seminars on Managing People; Restructuring & Change; Strategic Remuneration; Managing People Performance; Customer Service; Motivation; Creating Positive Working Cultures and Leadership. He usually rate highly for both content of material and presentation. Geoff chairs conferences and small business meetings.

Prior to establishing his consultancy business in December 2001, he was General Manager of Patient & Staff Safety and Human Resources with South Auckland Health, and chair of Executive Committee of the Northern Clinical Training Network. Geoff was one of the early leaders of Manager Review, e-recruiting, employment branding, and e-performance management in NZ.

As a consultant Geoff had small business development assignments in the engineering, equestrian and freight fields. Professional Services, Science Research, Transport, Financial Services, Public & Private Health providers, Public Library and Agricultural Produce organisations use his consultancy to assist in developing their Business Culture, Leadership, Performance and Teamwork competencies. Geoff chaired the establishment of a farmer based primary produce organisation set up to re-establish an export industry into Europe.

In Franklin Geoff facilitated the merger of three organisations into the new Enterprise Franklin Development Trust. He was also a founding trustee of the Auckland Region Economic Development Association Inc.

Voluntary involvement in the Franklin District is an important part of his life with a range of interests which include Community & Social Services; A & P (Agricultural & Pastoral); Arts & Culture; Libraries & Learning and Equestrian.

Geoff lives with his partner John in Pukeoware (Waiuku NZ) at Hazeldene Farm where they breed sport horses.

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VP / GM of Business Development

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