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If there is a gene for Internet entrepreneurship, then it must run in the Cook family. Geoff Cook, Dave and Catherine's worldly wise older brother, already has one successful online venture under his belt. While a Harvard undergrad, he founded a set of online writing and editing services, EssayEdge.com and ResumeEdge.com, and he's been using the lessons learned from those businesses to assist Dave and Catherine's dreams of worldwide web domination.

As his younger siblings can attest, when you're starting a business online, it's very helpful to have a close, personal relationship with someone who knows how to hire programmers in India, lease server space in New Jersey, and start conversations with venture capitalists in Silicon Valley. But Geoff's not only the executive with the know-how, he's still got the fire in his belly for another Internet success.

Geoff trusts Dave and Catherine's youth culture instincts and speaks passionately about the family plan to grow myYearbook.com into an online tool that will go way beyond banner advertising to accomplish some truly innovative things in the world of social networking. What more could two teenage founders want in an older brother?

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Co-Founder, COO

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