January 1, 1988

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Elyse Porterfield, or “Jenny DryErase,” as she was dubbed, is a 22-year-old aspiring actress from Greeley, Colorado, who answered an ad last week to play the role of Jenny.

Elyse is known for playing Jenny DryErase in a viral Internet meme, which shows a young woman quitting her job and punking her boss in a series of messages on a whiteboard.

New to Los Angeles, Elyse responded an ad in Actors Access, which led to a photo shoot for an image board site called The Chive. The Chive (which gets around 5.6 million unique visits a month, according to Google) is part of a network of viral sites run by brothers Leo and John Resig, who have a storied history of manufacturing Internet hoaxes, most notably the $10,000 Donald Trump tip and the infamous “virgin text messages her dad that she lost her virginity.” Both hoaxes ended up punking various mainstream media outlets including Fox News, Gawker and Jay Leno.

The word of Jenny quitting her job spread like wildfire, and even culminated in a “1,000,000 Strong for Jenny DryErase to Pose in Playboy" Facebook fan page.

Porterfield told TechCrunch.com, “When I went into the audition, I didn’t know what it was for — but thought that this couldn’t be too bawdy or promiscuous or else they wouldn’t have me holding a dry erase board. “

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