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David Dalka, Founder and Managing Director of Fearless Revival, advises Chief Executive Officers, global leaders, and their teams to rethink perspectives and reshape priorities about business, technology and trends in society. David favors an approach that challenges status quo assumptions. This includes interoperability opportunities between functions, revitalizes core purpose and cultivates bias for action. This translates symptoms, buzzwords, and information overload into actionable root causes. Clients can take appropriate actions after getting unique advice. David’s insights allow leaders to see through a customer-focused lens that revive decision making. This leads to a more effective you, superior organizational performance and a better community.

Notable career events include leading transformation while at BlackRock during the 80 to 800 person hyper-growth phase, AllianceBernstein, a division of AXA S.A. de CV, and PPM America, a division of Prudential plc. As a part of his ongoing research and passion for lifelong learning. David participated in thousands of events, read thousands of books and research papers. He also conducted podcasts with authors he wanted to ask deeper questions of to gain new insights. These experiences have led to David having a wide breadth and depth of perspectives. As a result of this research, David discovered the need to found Fearless Revival.

He was a top ten contributor to CrunchBase back in the early days of Crunchbase. According to TechCrunch Editor Michael Arrington, Dalka currently lives in Chicago, also known as a place of horrendous weather eight months out of the year.

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Founder and Managing Director, Business Keynote Speaker

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