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Andrea Doven, human resources expert and executive, recently was asked about the current job market in 2015. She was an Executive Director for Tom Cruise's company, Odin Productions, for 20 years. Her extensive knowledge ranges from human resources to recruiting to executive decision making.

The job market is volatile at the best of times, but the past few years have seen an incredible amount of change across the board in most fields and sectors. Because of various factors, many employers have laid off or cut back a large portion of their workforce, while others are hiring only part-time to avoid the high costs of benefits.

According to Andrea, a veteran of the human resources field and recognized expert in HR management, the volatile job market can certain impact the ability of job seekers to find work. "There is no doubt that it is harder now to find a job than it was in the past," she says. Her work with Odin Films gained her national recognition as a hiring expert. However, although she admits it is hard to find a job, "Hard does not mean impossible," she adds.

There are several things Ms. Doven recommends when looking for a good job in a depressed market, including:

Research the market. Do not rely on what others tell you; do your own research. Sometimes people draw the wrong conclusions from what they see on television or read in the news. For example, while healthcare is considered a "hot" job market right now, there are certain areas of healthcare that are stagnant while others are exploding in growth.

Understand how to use resources. Many people simply scan online job boards for opportunities. This is a good place to start, but your job search should not end there. Creating networking relationships is extremely important, as hiring managers are much more likely to hire someone they have met in person than a faceless Internet applicant. Go to job fairs and talk to employed friends to see if you can leverage an interview or at least a face-to-face meeting.

Brush up your resume. It may seem obvious to say that your resume should be stellar, but many people are still using the same resume they had when they graduated from college. "Your resume should be tailored for each job for which you apply to focus on particular strengths that are important to that employer," she notes. It is worth your time to read the job description carefully, then tweak your resume to focus on the skills demanded by that employer.

Focus on soft skills. "Many people forget to mention their soft skills in resumes and cover letters, but employers may be more concerned with these than with your education and training," she notes. Soft skills include punctuality, good interpersonal skills, strong communication skills and a good work ethic, and are often described as "things that are not taught."

It is not easy to find a good job in today's market, but the fact is that employers are looking for employees every day. Be prepared to be flexible and work hard to get an interview and you will soon find yourself with a job offer!

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