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Yibiti has developed a platform where local "brick and mortar" sellers have the tools to compete against all big online commerce and offline big box retailers on a level playing field.

Yibiti focused on two key targets - one to provide a better revenue model for the seller and two for the buyer it get a better ratio between their income and "cost of living".

Yibiti has developed a first in global commerce by building a platform that solves the issue of local everyday business being drained of sales by larger online commerce that has been able to avoid much of the infrastructure & tax burden.

The Yibiti Platform works the same for single items as well as bulk and is able to begin at the manufacturer level and apply the process to millions of items destined for around the world in various quantities to wholesalers and retailers whilst holding the buying price at less then 20% of each stage's normal pricing but again the sellers still receives 100% profits at each stage.

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