World News Translate provides a news translation app to view culturally diverse cross section of news from around the world.
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This revolutionary news translation app, brought to you by Sobytes Ltd, allows you to view a culturally diverse cross-section of news from around the world.

Why allow one paper to influence your opinions when you have the so many of the world’s newspapers available to you at the click of a mouse, in order to help you develop a more rounded view of world news events?

WNT publishes the news both locally and globally in the language of your choice; whether it is what has happened down the road or across the other side of the world and allows you to voice your opinion on news events through social media sites linked to the app.

It also allows you the opportunity to compare the reporting of major world events between your own national newspapers and other newspapers published across the world in your own language. The idea behind WNT is to break down the barriers between countries and develop a greater understanding of the cultural differences that are often demonstrated by differences in the way countries report their news.

WNT is the creation of Samuel East, an experienced web developer, who several years ago became increasingly interested in the way the media can be used on a global level to share news and information. So, after several years in the industry, Sam decide to set up WNT realising the massive potential there is to reach people and allow users to interact on a global level.

WNT is a continually evolving process. It started with a simple website, but after realising its enormous potential for the media industry, governments and individuals across the globe Sam developed WNT for the ipad Tablet. Integrated with Google Translate it allows news from any country in the world to be translated into your chosen language and provides real time updates to ensure you are on the button when it comes to rapidly unfolding world news and enables a balanced analysis to be made by viewing several countries reporting of the same events.

For example, the devastating impact of the violence in Syria is being felt by and read about by individuals across the world. What if you could read about the news reporting in Syria’s local news rather than just from your own national press? Surely this will enable you to develop your own views and possibly influence your own understanding of events.

Why should certain angles of news stories or in the case of some countries entire stories be able to be censored by your national newspapers? With the clever integration of all the major social networking sites and also YouTube, all current news events can be read about and shared by everyone to allow you to make your own mind up on important news events.

Everyone around the world should be able to voice an opinion on a news article and for that opinion to be based on not the view of a single journalist, who may have their own agenda, but from many different articles enabling a greater perspective of the event, therefore allowing a better overall understanding.

Sobytes Ltd has huge plans for the future and fully intends to build a team of people with the same passion of developing and using social media to build bridges and links within society and we really hope that you want to join us on this fantastic journey.

If you have any questions or queries on this press release or on any part of the app, please do not hesitate to contact us on any of the contact points below.

We look forward to hearing from you very soon.

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