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What’s On Foodie is a platform that provides information about food- and drink-related events.
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August 1, 2010
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What’s On Foodie (formerly Guestaurant.com) is a platform for those who love going out to food and drink related events no matter where one is in the world. It is also the go-to site for those wanting to be in the know in respect to food and drink news. This contrasts the typical food and drink site that focuses on recipes, cooking and the domestic environment.

What’s On Foodie has been created by an international diverse group of friends who are contributing to the revolution in the global food scene.

What’s On Foodie began as a food and drink event ticketing platform, in the first instance primarily covering the underground dining scene. (Supper clubs, underground restaurants, home bistros, home eateries, guerrilla dinners, secret restaurants, paladares, speak easy or even anti-restaurants.) What’s On Foodie in its first incarnation operated in UK and Canada.

At the turn of 2011/2012 What’s On Foodie strategically transformed into a global online magazine and listing covering food and drink events. What’s On Foodie is the only known site to cover the niche area of food and drink events on a global level. What’s On Foodie now services: UK USA Canada Europe Oceania Asia Middle East Africa and all other regions

What’s On Foodie’s focus has always been on the guest experience of dining-out, and is dedicated to helping users discover unique experiences where food and drink are involved.

What’s On Foodie lists and covers a wide variety of foodie experiences:

-Supper Clubs, Underground Restaurants, Pop-Up Restaurants, Long-table Events -Food & Drink Festivals -Major Food Events -Culinary Adventures -Tastings -Cooking Classes -Food Tours -Restaurant launches & major restaurant news

What’s On Foodie also covers the latest weird and wonderful food news, food and drink products, as well as 'foodgasms'.

Our word, the noun 'guestaurant', has been cited by/used as language by; The Huffington Post, Zagat, Urban Dictionary, Eater, Natural Health, The Food Channel, The Chicago Reader and more international media and blogs.

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