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April, 2009
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Vyoom is a new “Social Commerce Network” with dual real-time platforms. We have the Social Network platform with many innovative Social features such as a private & public stream, social channels, hotspots, friend locator and the RPilot. We also have an Ecommerce platform that carries actual products and a digital store with virtual products coming soon. We have created the platforms to become seamless so the user experience is as if it was one platform.

We are focused on delivering real-time social communication and ecommerce to attract partnerships with Brands and allowing users to make purchases at a discount and receive Reward points. Vyoom is both an open and closed network, users can voice their opinions on trends, news, issues and follow others activities and interest via the public data stream and at the same time, engage in more personal direct communication with their friends and family in the private stream. With its advanced labeling and filtering systems, Vyoom users can organize their social content and pull in only the updates they want to see across both public and private networks, at any given time, creating a truly personalized and intuitive social networking experience.

Vyoom is also a place "Where Social Activity is Rewarded". Vyoom awards points for social activity and through its friend referral program, offering an extra incentive for its member to interact with the site and grow their personal network. The Vyoom Reward store has over 300 items to choose from including HD and Plasma TVs, digital cameras and camcorders, iPods and iPhones, game systems, computers and more to be redeemed with Points.

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