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May 16, 2017Washington Post - In new sanctions list, Ukraine targets Russian social-media sites
Feb 28, 2017Business Wire - Consumers Voice Preferences, Wishes in Ways Technology Power Payments
Jan 15, 2017Security Affairs - Intelligence report claims the Kremlin has cracked Telegram service
Jan 5, 2017Arab Business - Startups - Meet Pavel Durov: Russia's Zuckerberg
Dec 23, 2016Venture Beat - Russia’s MegaFon to acquire majority stake in Mail.Ru for $640 million
Dec 23, 2016East West Digital News - MegaFon announces plan to acquire majority stake in Mail.Ru Group
Dec 15, 2016Venture Beat - Face-recognition app sparks controversy after it’s reportedly used to track women who appeared in porn films
Nov 23, 201624-7 Press Releases - 10 Hottest Eastern European Startups are Graduating from Accelerator in New York on December 1st
Oct 1, 2016Venture Beat - Russia’s top 10 websites include Facebook, Google, Instagram, and YouTube
Sep 22, 2016Threat Post - Yahoo Reportedly to Confirm Breach of Hundreds of Millions of Credentials
Sep 9, 2016iAM Wire - Programming Languages for Social Networks – Which One to Choose?
Aug 8, 2016TechJuice (Pakastan) - Meet Artisto, the video version of Prisma
Jul 18, 2016Security Affairs - Hacker Interviews – Zeus Anon
Jul 14, 2016Venture Capital Database - Line Corp. IPO: Where Does It Stack Up Against Past Social & Messaging Exits?
Jul 5, 2016Moscow Times - Russia's Slow and Hesitant 'Purges' Mask Policy Void
Jul 4, 2016Security Affairs - WhatsApp vs Telegram in Terms of Encryption and Features
Jun 18, 2016Times of India - Sitemap - Physicists try to predict IS attacks with algorithm
Jun 17, 2016Uber Gizmo - Scientists Create Algorithm To Help Predict Terrorist Attacks
Jun 6, 2016Threat Post - 100M ‘Russian Facebook’ Credentials For Sale
May 21, 2016Wired News - Security News This Week: Russia’s FindFace Face-Recognition App Is a Privacy Nightmare