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Verbase is a search engine that removes spam and provides pay-per-click advertising.
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Verbase is a semantic search engine powered by human intelligence that relieves user frustration associated with spam, advertising, and irrelevant search results. Verbase empowers users to automatically determine the ranking of listings, and create relevant content for any keyword.

Here's how we do it:

Results ranked by real people, automatically - Each page is ranked by users automatically, without them having to do anything extra like voting on or moderating results or installing a browser extension. Automated, crowdsourced ranking of your search results means what you're looking for will find its way to the top of search results, and what isn't relevant for your search term will sink to the bottom. And the more people that search the better the results will be.

User-created Microcontent - With Bases, users can view relevant content created by other users who want to share their knowledge and expertise. Attached to keywords and ranked by users just like any other search result, microcontent such as text, images, videos, and links can easily be published and shared with users searching the web. Imagine it as a publishing platform that sits between the short snippets of a Twitter post and the complexity of a Wikipedia entry, accessed by search terms.

Keyword-based Forums - Sometimes you want to talk with real people when you have a question or are looking for information. With Chatbases you can join or create a live event that can last from 1 to 24 hours, for any keyword, to chat with other users who share your interests in a media-rich forum with realtime updates.

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