The "pause button" for the Web

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TweeShot is a free service for generating and sharing webshots via Twitter. A similar concept to TwitPic (with pictures) or TwidVid (with videos).

TweeShot is based on solid and totally scalable self-developed technology that lets us manage webshots in a simple and effective way. In addition, very shortly we will be releasing our API so that developers and third parties can use that technology and those webshots to add value to their current services as well as developing new ones.

TweeShot has been designed with that purpose in mind. Because in a so dynamic, changeable and fashionable environment as internet, sometimes a pause is necessary. TweeShot let us share concrete “moments”. Moments that most probably will have already changed seconds later.

We would like that TweeShot would become the “Pause button” for the internet.

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