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Jun 24, 2017Torrent Freak - Scammers Pick Up NYAA Torrents Domain Name
Jun 23, 2017Torrent Freak - Court Suspends Ban on Roku Sales in Mexico
Jun 17, 2017Torrent Freak - Comodo DNS Blocks TorrentFreak Over “Hacking and Warez “
Jun 15, 2017BGR Boy Genius Report - ISPs plot to take over the browsers of movie pirates, which is all kinds of screwed up
Jun 14, - Pirate Bay liable for copyright infringement, rules European Court of Justice
Jun 13, 2017The Mirror - Tech - Kodi users despair as TVAddons library mysteriously shuts down without warning
Jun 13, 2017ZD Net - Pirates dance around AACS 2 encryption to offer UHD Blu-Ray movies online
Jun 11, 2017Torrent Freak - Who’s To Blame For The Kodi Crackdown?
Jun 8, 2017Tech Radar - Kodi piracy add-ons are running scared and shutting down
Jun 5, 2017Tech Spot - Denuvo allegedly protected its own anti-piracy software with pirated anti-piracy software
Jun 5, 2017NeoWin - TheDarkOverlord strikes again, releases unaired ABC show
Jun 3, 2017Torrent Freak - How NAGRA Fights Kodi and IPTV Piracy
Jun 1, - Three more Kodi add-ons shut down as anti-piracy group turns up the heat on illegal streaming
May 31, 2017Torrent Freak - The Pirate Bay Remains Resilient, 11 Years After The Raid
May 25, 2017The - ExtraTorrent 2.0 is defiant in the face of critics
May 19, 2017Torrent Freak - ExtraTorrent’s Distribution Groups ettv and EtHD Keep Going
May 18, 2017The Mirror - Tech - Pirate Bay's biggest rival shut down permanently as illegal content sharing crackdown continues
May 9, 2017Consumerist - Popular Pirate Streaming Site Shuts Down, Urges Users To Go Use Netflix Instead
May 6, 2017Beta News - Microsoft patents technology to block pirate material from cloud storage
May 4, 2017The Next Web - Pirates may have cracked the code to 4K UHD torrents