185 Investments in 111 Companies
6 IPOs & 16 Acquisitions
New York, New York
Funds Raised:
Impact Investing, Finance, Hedge Funds
Tiger Global manages hedge funds and private equity funds by investing in local and global public and private equity markets.

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April 13, 2001
Hedge Fund that does Early Stage Venture, Later Stage Venture, and Private Equity Investments
E-Commerce, Curated Web, Online Shopping

Tiger Global Management was founded by Charles Coleman, one of the ‘Tiger Cubs’. Tiger Cubs or Seeds are those hedge fund owners who once worked under or received funding for launch of their individual hedge fund from Julian Robertson, the famous investment guru and the founder of Tiger Management. The firm was established in 2001, and since then, it has successfully returned an annualized return of 21%. As of now, it manages $4.4 billion worth of assets.

Tiger Global manages hedge funds and private equity funds by investing in local and global public and private equity markets. It also invests locally in income markets. As the name suggests, Tiger Global conducts its business globally. The firm primarily focuses its investments in China, Southeast Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe. In addition to having headquarters in New York, it has offices in Beijing, China and Mumbai, India. In 2009, the office in India temporarily shut down operations; however, it restarted operations after a hiatus of one year.

Tiger Global has, as of 2011, six private-equity funds, with the latest one announce in January 2011. It was declared that Tiger Global is aiming to raise $1.25 billion for the latest fund to increase its stake in Facebook. He launched his very first fund in 2003. Tiger Global’s fifth fund, which was started in 2008 with $1.1 billion, has returned an average of 15% since inception. This fifth fund was established to purchase a 1% stake in Facebook for $164 million. Coleman is known to shy away from press and avoid discussing stakes in private companies, however, his investment in Facebook has gathered a lot of media attention as most believe his stake in the social networking site currently valued at $50 billion gives him access to private information about the company financials. Moreover, the firm is known for its long position in Apple, Google, and LinkedIn. Coleman’s other major investments include E-Commerce China DangDang, Inc., and Youku.com, Inc.

Source: Hedge Fund Letters

DateInvested InRoundPartner(s)
Aug, 2016$175M / Series D
Jun, 2016$40M / Series H
Apr, 2016$30M / Series C (Lead)
Feb, 2016$275M / Venture (Lead)
Feb, 2016$10M / Venture (Lead)
Jan, 2016undisclosed amount / Series E
Jan, 2016$52M / Series C
Dec, 2015$25M / Series B
Dec, 2015$60M / Series A (Lead)
Nov, 2015$72M / Venture (Lead)
Nov, 2015$120M / Series C
Nov, 2015$30M / Series C (Lead)
Nov, 2015$500M / Series F
Oct, 2015$9M / Series A (Lead)
Oct, 2015$7.7M / Seed (Lead)
Oct, 2015$25M / Series B
Oct, 2015$11M / Private Equity
Sep, 2015$125M / Series E
Sep, 2015$325M / Series E
Aug, 2015$207M / Series C
Aug, 2015$350M / Series E
Aug, 2015$15M / Series B (Lead)
Aug, 2015$40M / Series D
Aug, 2015$30M / Series B (Lead)
Aug, 2015$32M / Series B
Jul, 2015$50M / Venture
Jul, 2015$700M / Private Equity
Jul, 2015undisclosed amount / Series C (Lead)
Jul, 2015$12M / Series B (Lead)
Jul, 2015$15M / Series A (Lead)
Jul, 2015$45M / Series C
Jul, 2015$20M / Series B (Lead)
Jul, 2015$10.2M / Series A (Lead)
Jul, 2015$100M / Series C (Lead)
Jul, 2015$6.5M / Series A (Lead)
Jun, 2015$1.5B / Series E (Lead)
Jun, 2015$80M / Series D (Lead)
Jun, 2015$175M / Series D
Jun, 2015R$40M / Series B (Lead)
Jun, 2015$20M / Series B (Lead)

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  • Vincent Celentano INC is an investment consulting company helping entrepreneurs to obtain funding for their investment plans

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