The Housing Block is a real estate search engine for home buyers and sellers.
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Founding partners, Marc Ferland and Chad Griffin, have two things in common: a passion for developing startups and enhancing the online real estate buying and marketing experience. The two partners have collaborated with a number of online real estate, apartment and mortgage networks to launch The Housing Block which is now a major competitor in the online real estate market. The Housing Block was launched in 2009, and since has bloomed into one of the most recognized online real estate search platforms by Realtors and buyers across North America. With almost 30 combined years of business and system development experience, The Housing Block team brings a wealth of experience to enhance both the home buyers and seller’s online real estate search experience. The Housing Blocks is not only "optimizing the value of online real estate marketing" as per their slogan, but also "optimizing the value of online real estate search".

The Housing Block is proudly known as an Oakville, Ontario company that is run under the business name of Griffland Media. The Housing Block teams are constantly looking to grow their organization striving to be one of Canada’s top real estate search platforms.

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  • Trulia is an online real estate platform providing information on properties and real estate professionals for home buyers and more.
  • Zillow is an online real estate marketplace for finding and sharing information about homes, real estate, and mortgages.

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