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London, England
TBG Digital, a Facebook ad optimization platform, enable social network advertisers monitor and optimize global scale campaigns.
Social Media Marketing, Digital Media, SEO, Advertising, Analytics, Big Data

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TBG is a social media specialist on a mission to help brands ‘Give Social a Business Purpose’. By measuring tangible value, TBG’s media and creative services can build the right connections, enable meaningful advocacy and move the metrics that matter to each brand’s business.

TBG offers an end-to-end solution including social strategy, content creation, application builds, paid media and measurement. TBG works closely with Facebook and Twitter to develop products and services that drive tangible ROI from social media.

We have offices in London, San Francisco, New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Hamburg, Amsterdam and Manila.

Maximize Your Marketplace Advertising Performance on Facebook© TBG Digital provides Facebook Marketplace advertising expertise leveraging its innovative ad optimization platform, ONE Media Manager, to build, monitor and optimize global scale campaigns that deliver unprecedented results. TBG Digital has optimized millions of Facebook Marketplace advertisements for many leading brands around the world, including Vodafone, EA, Heineken, NBC Universal, and DELL.

Innovative Technology Based on Original Facebook Ad API TBG Digital’s ONE Media Manager is a Facebook-specific bid management and optimization platform designed to empower advertisers with one-screen, one-click access to build and optimize campaigns that deliver results. ONE Media Manager helps manage the volatility of CPC costs so clients can best capitalize on the enormous advertising opportunity that Facebook creates. ONE Media Manager streamlines campaign management with the ability to: • Build tens of thousands of ads in minutes with Campaign Builder • Sort, organize and ultimately optimize tens of thousands of ads with just a few quick clicks • Control costs by leveraging bid to CPA and other purchasing strategies • Schedule ad delivery by day/time to improve conversion rates

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  • San Francisco Office

    512 Second Street

    San Francisco, California

    United States

  • London Office

    100 Highgate Studios

    53-79 HIghgate Road

    London, England NW5 1TL

    United Kingdom

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