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August, 2010
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Syncronizer allows users to interact around topics of their choosing and hold honest conversations. Users can start conversations, track conversations, and participate in other people's conversations.

Several unique functions allow conversations to happen more honestly than they would in other settings - namely, the ability to make "anonymous" comments and the ability to restrict access to a particular conversation to only those users who were authorized by the owner of the conversation.

This site allows users to create a topic ("room") that they want to discuss, and invite a group of people to join them in discussing it. Since people can write anonymous comments, it is a great opportunity to get honest feedback or insight without people worrying about having the comment tied to their name.

This site is ideal for groups of people who want to say what they are really thinking and ask others what they are thinking. A unique feature of this site is that it acts more like a text message than a normal chat room - people check what others wrote when they want, and they respond when they want. Unlike other "chat" rooms, the conversation doesn't require being online, so a conversation can develop slowly. The "track" feature allows a person to see what has happened in their various conversations since they last participated.

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